Alex Cora arrives in Puerto Rico as fans celebrate win

Published 11-03-2018

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CAGUAS, Puerto Rico (AP) - Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora has arrived in his native Puerto Rico as fans celebrated the first man from the island to lead a team to a World Series championship.

The Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers to win their fourth championship in 15 years.

Cora was accompanied Saturday by pitchers David Price and Eduardo Rodriguez and catcher Christian Vazquez, among others including Red Sox chairman Tom Werner.

They joined a caravan that was heading to Cora's hometown of Caguas where red-and-blue clad fans talked excitedly about their arrival.

Some had driven more than an hour to receive Cora. They gathered in the rain and praised how he helped Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria hit more than a year ago as a Category 4 storm.

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