Starbucks Delivery Will Be Available Nationwide in 2020

Published 07-24-2019

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Soon, you won't have to send an intern to pick up your morning coffee. You'll be able to get Starbucks delivered right to your desk. Or your couch. Or really, anywhere you find yourself in need of caffeine. Following the success of Starbucks' delivery partnership with UberEats in large U.S. cities, the chain has announced that it plans to roll out delivery service nationwide in early 2020.

The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Starbucks Drinks

The delivery service was first tested in Miami, then expanded to 10 more markets: Seattle, Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Houston and Dallas. The service proved successful in all 11 cities, influencing the beloved coffee chain to expand the service.

Starbucks delivers exclusively through UberEats, and customers can order on the UberEats website or through a mobile app on iOS or Android. Most Starbucks drinks and food items can be ordered via delivery, with just a few exceptions. While you may not be able to order Starbucks' secret menu items, over 95 percent of Starbucks' menu will be available for delivery order, including the chain's newest seasonal items and customizations. So if you want to order your Skinny Caramel Macchiato with three extra pumps from your couch, you can.

Because ordering takes place exclusively through the UberEats app, delivery orders from Starbucks can't give you Starbucks reward points. Additionally, UberEats charges a $2.49 surcharge for every order, with an additional $2 fee for orders under $10 (there's no minimum order size). So you'll have extra motivation to order even more coffee - and here are 14 very valid health reasons why you should.

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