Donald Trump Wedding Cake Auctioned Off to Artist Andres Serrano

Published 02-14-2019

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On January 22, 2005, reality television star Donald Trump and model Melania Knauss celebrated their marriage, his third trip down the aisle and her first. When the multimillion-dollar bash came to a close, the celebrity couple sent each of their 350 guests home with a single-serving chocolate truffle cake with a sugar-spun rose and gold flakes. Such luminaries as Rudy Giuliani, Heidi Klum, P. Diddy, Shaq, Simon Cowell and Bill and Hillary Clinton all got one. Now an artist famous for using feces, corpses and bodily fluids can say the same after purchasing the stale confection on February 7.

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Andres Serrano paid $1,880 in an auction held by RR Auction in Boston for the now 14-year-old souvenir, which is still in its original off-white paper box monogrammed with the couple's initials - "M D T." The party favor was inspired by the Trumps' actual 200-pound, seven-tier wedding cake covered in 3,000 white icing roses and filled with Grand Marnier buttercream. The 5-foot-tall, $50,000 confection took pastry chef Cedric Barbaret two months to make, but was not served to guests due to its intricate wire infrastructure.

So what will Serrano do with his prize? The New York-based contemporary artist is tight-lipped about his plans, saying, "Artists work in mysterious ways - you never know what they're up to! I don't like to talk about things until I'm ready to talk."

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The 68-year-old actually photographed Donald Trump in 2004 as part of a photo series called "America." Though that piece was a relatively restrained headshot portrait, the artist's other work often implements graphic nudity, urine, semen, feces and blood. Serrano's most controversial piece is called "Piss Christ," which features a red-tinted crucifix submersed in a glass container of what is supposedly the artist's own urine.

It doesn't look like the sitting president has commented on the cake's sale or whose hands it ended up in. With that being said, we can confirm some of the food that has landed in Trump's hands, and that includes fried chicken, diet soda, and meatloaf sandwiches. For a closer look at 45's diet, check out our complete guide to Donald Trump's favorite foods.

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