'Tough guys' urged to audition for new Mark Wahlberg movie

Published 08-04-2018

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BOSTON (AP) - Mark Wahlberg is looking for a few tough guys to appear in his latest movie.

Boston Casting says auditions will be held Saturday at its offices in the city's Allston neighborhood, and it's encouraging "real people" with "tough faces" to answer the call.

The company says it's looking for construction workers, blue collar workers, DPW workers, "fishermen, mob guys, etc.," for speaking roles and on-camera extras.

It's not clear what film is involved, but "Wonderland" - a collaboration between Netflix, Wahlberg and "Patriots Day" director Peter Berg - is in the works.

It'll star Wahlberg as the Boston private investigator immortalized in ABC's 1980s television series "Spenser: For Hire."

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