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Boston's museums are world famous, packing hundreds of years of history and culture within their walls. It is no coincidence that USA Today chose the Boston Tea Party Ships Museum as the "best patriotic attraction in the country," because it houses one of the world's largest collections of historical and cultural artifacts.

If you're trying to save money on a ticket for more than one museum in Boston, you might want to consider a tourist pass. If you want to visit even a few museums while visiting Boston, you can save a lot of money with a tourist pass, especially if you visit a dozen galleries. One of Boston's most popular museums is the Boston Museum of Natural History, which houses a collection of over 1,000 artifacts from around the world.

If you plan to visit the Boston Museum, check with your local library for discounts, coupons and free tickets, and contact the Museum of Natural History for more information.

Massachusetts residents can become Boston Library Cardholders, and city libraries can check out their museum passes. Admission to the Museum of the Fine Arts also includes free admission to the Boston Public Library and Boston Museum, as well as free admission to all other museums in Boston.

If you're looking for a museum where children are definitely welcome, this is one of the best options in Boston. Families with children of all ages can enjoy the hours of fun and education they offer. The Museum Pass gives visitors free admission to more than a dozen locations, including the Boston Public Library, Boston Museum and Boston Children's Museum (September-June only), as well as the Massachusetts Museum of Natural History and Museum at Boston College, to name a few.

The Boston campus is close to some of the most prestigious museums in the country, including the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which is just a three-minute walk from the door. The museum is funded by the National Park Service and is located in one of Boston's historic sites. You can visit the Massachusetts Museum of Natural History and Museum at Boston College, as well as the Boston Public Library.

Boston also houses one of the largest collections of World War II memorabilia in the country. The World War II site in Boston, next to the Beantown diving tower, offers great views of Boston's historic buildings and a number of other historic sites.

Check out the Museum of Boston's collection of World War II memorabilia and photos to learn more about the museum's history.

Check out our list of the best museums in Boston, which offers everything from bad art to crocodile exhibits. There are seven participating museums throughout Massachusetts, including the Boston Museum of Natural History, Boston Public Library and Boston Children's Museum. Whether you're interested in art, history or just a short walk through the city's museums, here's our guide to Boston's must-see museums.

Although technically not a museum, the central branch of the Boston Public Library houses some interesting exhibits. The Boston World War II Memorial is located on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and State Street, a short walk from the Museum of Natural History. Boston National Historical Park is a collection of privately owned, municipal and state historic sites connected by a network of trails, parks, trails and other public facilities. It includes the largest collection of privately owned, managed and privately managed historic sites.

Housed in the original carriage house, this Boston museum houses a variety of artifacts and artefacts from the early days of the city and its history. Just outside Boston is the Boston Museum of Natural History, which houses a number of interesting exhibits. Pierce - Hichborn House is located next door, a short drive from a Boston inn. Visitors will get an insight into the lives of Boston residents around the American Revolution and the life of their owners.

In addition, the Boston Tea Party Museum offers a unique historical experience, where visitors can participate in a variety of activities, including discussions about unfair taxation without representation and throwing tea into the harbor. If you visit the Boston Tea Party Ships Museum, you can travel to another era in American history.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston houses the largest collection of Boston Tea Party artifacts and related maritime artifacts in the United States. Here you can find everything from tea bags, teacups and other utensils from the time of the tea party to the ships themselves and a variety of other artifacts.

The Boston Tea Party Ship Museum is one of the largest collections of Boston Tea Party artifacts in the United States. The Old State House plays a role in all the events that led to the American Revolution, from the founding of New York in 1776 to Boston in 1817.

The Freedom Trail, preserved and dedicated by Boston citizens since 1958, when it was threatened by the wrecking ball, is now a trail marked by buried soil and a park of ships and historical markings that tell the story of the American Revolution. The Cape Ann Museum houses the largest collection of MassCareers museums in the United States, with more than 1,000 artworks and artifacts. If you only have time to visit a museum in Boston, then MFA is the right choice. As one of the oldest art museums in the country, it had almost 150 years to build up its collection.

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